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No Christmas without Christmas tree! Trees are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Christmas decorations. Read this article to know about the latest tree ideas for 2012.

Christmas Tree Ideas 2012

With Christmas nearly upon us, it is time to think out-of-the-box and make this holiday season special with innovative decoration ideas. Don't you think Christmas tree decorations have become mechanical nowadays? People generally pull out the same old traditional Christmas ornaments like stockings, Santa, angels, etc. which they have in their cupboards from last year's Christmas. Buying new and trendy ornaments may not be affordable for some people, which may be the reason they prefer to use the same ornaments over and again. If that is the case, don't worry, a little ingenuity, innovation and extra embellishments go a long way in dazzling up your decor, without emptying your wallets! For others who don't mind the budget, lack of ideas can be a limiting factor. So, this year, skip the cliched gingerbread houses and tree skirts and give your home a makeover with the latest Christmas tree trends that we are suggesting in the following section. Festive and colorful, these Christmas tree ideas for 2012 would jazz up your decor and this year's yuletide celebrations like nothing else.

2012 Christmas Tree Ideas

Photo Christmas Tree
Christmas is much associated with nostalgia and memories. Why not use some of these wonderful moments to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Say bye-bye to the traditional ornaments this time and hang some family photos on the Christmas tree. If you do not feel like ignoring the prominent Christmas symbols like Santa, stockings, stars, angels etc., then get some photos of these ornaments and hang them too! Do not make wrinkles on your forehead, just consider the idea and think over it. It would definitely be an interesting Christmas tree.

Frosted Tree
Fir, spruce or pine, a Christmas tree dredged with spray snow not only looks more rimed, but also adds a dash of silver elegance to your decor. Just embellish it with simple paper-and-glitter ornamentations in shades of cream, white and silver to complete the look. You can also use vintage metallic pieces and glitter ornaments for that extra jazz.

Candy Christmas Tree
Candies also have a major role in the Christmas scene, a role which children adore much. Let us assign another task - a new task to the candies this time. Think about using candies to decorate your Christmas tree. You may also use baked cookies. Colorful candies would definitely make your Christmas tree a bright one. Now be careful, children may raid your home anytime!

Colorful Christmas Tree
Green, white and red are the most common colors you see during Christmas season. Why not make this season more colorful this year? If you can afford investing some time, then buy a white Christmas tree and paint it with rainbow colors. Alternatively, you may also use your favorite colors instead of rainbow colors. Don't worry if you do not have enough time, just get a white Christmas tree and decorate it with colorful ornaments. You may also try spraying some colors randomly over it.

Metallic Christmas Tree
Re-define the traditional concepts of Christmas tree this year. Say no to the dominance of green and try decorating your Christmas tree with Metallic colors like silver, gold and/or bronze. You may either use a mix of these colors or select a monochromatic theme with any one color.

Favor Tree
For someone who cannot afford enough space for a full size Christmas tree, getting a miniature favor tree would be an excellent bet. All you need to do is make small gift boxes from wrapping papers, stuff them with holiday treats and string them up to a Christmas tree. Because of their small size, these favor trees would fit anywhere - from your dining tables to dressers and can be used to adorn any favorite corner of your home.

Aluminium Tree
Although nothing beats the fragrant, fresh feel of real Christmas trees, there are many who would want their Christmas tree to have as much jazz as possible. This explains why aluminum trees are a huge rage in recent times. Not only do these funky, shiny trees look stunning when decked with balls and swags, they also dazzle up the entire decor of the room. Not to mention, they last for more than just one Christmas unlike a regular natural Christmas tree.

Gothic Christmas Tree
This is for those who are daring enough to try unconventional methods. If you really have a push to experiment on new themes, try decorating your Christmas tree with gothic decors like skulls, black Santa, blood colored ornaments, etc. Add lopped fingers, fake blood-splash, small tombstones etc. to make it spookier.

Christmas trees are indispensable for the yuletide festival. Not only do they add festive air to the decor, they also make the celebration snazzier. If you are unable to decide on how to embellish your Christmas tree this year, then the aforementioned ideas would get your creativity sprinting high. Distinctive yet classy, these impressive Christmas tree ideas are likely to rock your celebration in the year 2012.