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Crafts add an element of creativity to every occasion. Celebrate this Christmas with some funky, crafts! This article seeks to help you with some ideas to celebrate Christmas 2012 with incredible crafts.

Christmas Crafts 2012

Christmas celebrations are never complete without decorations and the decoration items are getting expensive with every passing year. If you can spend some time and invest a bit of creativity, you can celebrate this Christmas without going bankrupt. There are many homemade Christmas craft ideas with which you can easily lift the load off your wallet. Try making exciting decorations, ornaments and gifts at home to help yourself celebrate this Christmas within your budget. There is something incredibly delightful about making homespun crafts. Not only does it add a personal touch to your holiday decor, but also looks extremely funky. What is amazing about the homemade Christmas crafts is that you can create anything out of the ordinary junk lying around the house and recycle old-stuff to make mind-boggling embellishments. So spruce up the decor of your home with beautiful homemade ornaments this Christmas season. To help you get on with it, here are some latest ideas on Christmas crafts for 2012 Christmas. Just gather your supplies and get creating!

Christmas Craft Ideas 2012
Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are the soul of Christmas celebrations. How about trying a new kind of Christmas tree this time? Pine cone Christmas trees are gaining popularity among children because of their cute looks and ease of making.

Things Needed:
  • Large Pinecone - 1
  • Cotton Balls - Few
  • Glitter - for decoration
  • Small Beads
  • White Glue
  • A Small Bow or Star
  • Dental Floss
  • Needle
Take a pine cone in shape of a tree and make sure that it stands erect independently. Take the cotton balls and stick them to the bottom of the tree so that they look like snow. These balls would also help support the tree and help it stand erect. String the beads to the dental floss and wrap the resultant garland on to the tree. Dab glue at the tips of the pine cone and sprinkle glitter on it. Top the tree with a bow or a small star and voila! Your pine cone Christmas tree is ready.

Santa Hat
Children love hats and this love changes to mania when we talk about Santa hats. Why run to the stationery store every time to get them when it is really easy to make them at home? Here is a simple Christmas Santa hat that you can try making this Christmas.

Things Needed
  • A large red construction paper (about 47 cm)
  • Small pieces of pink, black and yellow papers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • Red Marker or Crayon
  • Cotton Balls
Take the red construction paper, draw a semi-circle on it and cut it with scissors. Twirl this semi-circle into cone shape and staple it along the seams. Cut a small circular piece of pink paper and use it to make Santa's face. Make two tiny circles out of the black paper and fix them on the pink cutout as Santa's eyes. Now, glue this pink paper cutout on to the hat. Cut the black paper into a long strip so that you can use it as Santa's belt. Cut a small rectangular piece of the yellow paper and use it as the belt's buckle. Glue some cotton balls on the border of the face and make a beard, using more cotton, toward the lower half of the face. Draw a mouth with Red crayon or marker. Your Santa hat is ready!

Christmas Tree From Hand Prints
You have seen big Christmas trees adorning interiors during the Christmas season. Here is a different Christmas tree made from the handprints of your young one. Make this special tree for this Christmas and celebrate with lots of fun!

Things Needed
  • Large green construction paper
  • A piece of yellow construction paper
  • A piece of brown construction paper
  • A large piece of brown paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Glitter
  • Paper Ornaments
Trace your child's hand on the green construction paper, cut it out and fold it over the wrist portion. Make several such handprints and fold them in the same way. The number of hand prints will depend upon the size of the tree desired. If this is a class project, then it will be a nice idea to write the name of the child on his/her own handprint or else, you may ask the children to write their wishes on the hands. Draw a large triangle (in the shape of a tree) on the large brown paper. Now cut a small rectangular piece out of the piece of the brown construction paper to make the tree trunk. Glue the trunk cutout to the brown triangle cutout to make a tree. Now it is time to glue the handprints in the large triangle in regular rows with the fingers pointing downwards. While making the second row, glue the hand cutouts in such way that the fingers of the first row, overlap with the wrists of the second row. Make a star out of the yellow paper and glue it to the top of the tree. Your special hand print Christmas tree is ready!

Try making one of these Christmas crafts at home and dazzle up your yuletide celebrations like never before!