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Lighting is the spirit of decoration. Adorn your house with trendy lights in this Christmas season. Read this article to know about the latest Christmas lighting trends and ideas of 2012.

Christmas Lights 2012

Yet another Christmas is here and it is time to be at your creative best and welcome this holiday season with grand decorations. It is an unutterable pleasure to see houses and country sides beautifully decorated with stars, and Christmas ornaments hung on trees, gardens, fences and everywhere. Christmas is around the corner and it's time to stop thinking and start acting. You need to do a lot of things right from collecting the lighting essentials to presenting them in an appealing way. There is no room for a messy, last minute decoration in a fantastic festival like this. It is quite natural to get confused with the multitude of lighting options available, both contemporary and traditional. Also, you need to consider the fact that the lighting trends change almost every year. So, it is not really wise to spend a lot on lighting without knowing the trends. Here are some tips that can help you find out trendy lighting ideas for this season. Have a look at these ideas and select the ones that suit your budget and taste. Read on to learn more about Christmas Lighting 2012.

Christmas Lighting Ideas 2012

Outdoor Lighting Tips
  • Traditional light strands are ever-dependable. You may use these lights to fill up the gaps while decorating trees and roofs or arrange them on either sides of the walkway. You may even create a wonderful entryway with a colorful combination of different color icicle lights and invite your guests into your holiday wonderland.
  • You may use classic Christmas color lights like red, white or/and green. However, using multi-colored lights would make your exterior even livelier. Add a big electrically-lit Christmas star to your large sloping roof for an added grandeur.
  • Use lower light fixtures to light up the garden. This gives a better mood than a single bright garden light. Light up key areas like doorways, stairs etc. so that the light is evenly distributed throughout your garden.
  • You can try a combination of task lighting and accent lighting for the exteriors which helps you highlight the exterior features of your home along with providing you with some amount of security also.
  • Use non-traditional outdoor lighting in houses with modern architecture because these lightings are more inclined to the winter season rather than Christmas. You may use animal topiaries for the lawn and Morovian stars for outdoor trees. White or blue paper lanterns are perfect fit for outdoor decorations.
Indoor Lighting Tips
  • Consider entire home as a single unit and decorate all your interiors with a single theme. Sticking on to color schemes like monochromatic lights would give your home a different look. Try using lights that are in contrast with your wall-colors.
  • Sky is the limit for indoor lighting ideas. You may use mud lanterns, icicle lights, crystal chandeliers, LED lights, small lighting stars, illuminated Christmas ornaments etc. Candles of different shapes, colors and fragrances are available, and are best lighting options for the interiors. Doorways and French windows are ideal for lit swags. Use plastic candles for children’s room as they evoke squeals of joy along with being very safe.
  • Highlighting techniques are the best method not only to focus on, but also to warm up a specific area. You can arrange this kind of lighting by giving a focused range of light that complements the interior of your home. This type of lighting helps you highlight anything you want - from a Christmas painting to a decorative accessory or a Christmas ornament.
  • However, if you are too focused on traditional lighting for this Christmas, you can definitely opt for classic patterns that never go out of trend. Traditional lightings are not heavy or bulky; they use simple materials like brass or iron fixtures.
  • Try lighting up the walls with up-lighting techniques that can be used to create a lighting effect from a lower altitude. This kind of lighting is apt for those places where a ceiling mounted lighting system cannot be used.
Tree Lighting Tips
  • Use net lights to embellish bushes. It is the easiest method to decorate them.  Again, you have a variety of colors to choose from in net lights. Use tiny twinkling lights to decorate small trees while larger trees can be decorated with larger lights and even big stars with lights in them. Green color lights bring a divine beauty to the trees and bushes. 
  • Illuminating the indoors help you keep your interiors warm along with providing a holiday glow. Lighted tree topper would be a wise pick. Tree toppers are available in traditional shapes like angels, snowmen and stars.   
  • Try illuminated ornaments on your Christmas trees this time. They give a special charm to your trees.  Also, use an ornamotor to highlight the cute ornaments you have used on the trees.
Lighting is very close-knit with Christmas celebration and decoration. Try something new this season and make your interiors and exteriors stand-out from others. Hope this article helped you explore lighting ideas for this festival season. Wish you a Merry Christmas!