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It is a wonderful idea to celebrate his Christmas with songs. Check out this article for the top Christmas songs release in 2012.

Christmas Songs 2012

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. Happiness is the soul of this festival that commemorates the birth of Jesus, Son of God and the savior of the world. Christmas celebrations are different in different parts of the world but, there is one thing that is common about these celebrations and that is none other than Christmas songs that add pure bliss to this holy occasion. A large number of songs release during this season, adding to the glee of this joyous occasion. Some of them glorify the birth of the savior whereas some deal with the emotions associated with this festival. Despite new songs, Christmas is so closely associated with the classic Christmas songs, which enjoy enormous popularity since their release, that they have now become synonymous to the festivities. Join us as we take you to the amazing world of Christmas songs for this year. The following section pays tribute to the all-time classics while introducing the latest numbers of 2012.

Top Christmas Songs 2012

Changed By A Baby Boy
No one would have imagined that a boy who took birth in a stable would become a great preacher and his teachings would change this world. This song, 'Changed By a Baby Boy' rejoices this occasion. This song is orchestrated by Lari Goss, who is renowned for his Southern Gospel-flavored musical style. The narration is written by Veteran writer Nan Allen.

The Greatest Story Of All (Marty Parks)
Christmas is one of the best stories ever told. Though a story, it is different from all other stories in terms of its religious significance. All stories are enjoyable and overwhelming but the story of Christmas, the story of the savior of world is one that can transform you completely. This song 'The Greatest Story Of All' is created by veteran arranger Marty Parks.

Celebrate The Wonder (Marty Parks)
Christmas, the birth of the God's promised Messiah is truly a wondrous time. The spirit of this wonder is captured and represented in the exciting arrangements and orchestrations assembled by Marty Parks. This song 'Celebrate the wonder' would definitely make your heart brim with joy and devotion.

Season Of Joy (Album by Daniel Semsen)
This song, 'The Season Of Joy' is a spectacular combination of the Celtic musical traditions and the spirit of Christmas, making it the most beloved seasonal song. This song is arranged by Daniel Semsen. The album features four new songs by Keith and Kristyn Getty, which combine Irish classics with Celtic-inspired music. Try these songs during this Christmas and share the joy with everyone.

All-Time Hit Christmas Songs

White Christmas
This is an all-time favorite Christmas song by Irving Berlin. This song takes you back to the snow-covered Christmas. It has many versions and the one sung by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single as per the Guinness Book of World Records. This song was first recorded in 1942 and was about 3 minutes long.

Do They Know It's Christmas?
This song was written in 1984 by Bob Gedlof and Midge Ure, aiming to raise funds for the aid of famine-affected people in Ethiopia (1983-1985). It became a best-selling single as per 'The UK Singles Chart' and also became the Christmas number one in 1984, topping the chart consistently for five weeks.

I'll Be Home For Christmas
This is one of the most touching Christmas Song which originated in 1943, during the time of World War II, and depicts the feeling of soldiers who thought that the war would get over soon and they can be home by Christmas. But, this did not happen. The pain of being away from their homes and beloveds is expressed in the touchiest lines of this song - "I will be home for Christmas, If only in, Dreams." This song is sung by Vanessa Williams.

All I Want For Christmas Is You
It is a contemporary pop romantic song sung by famous American pop singer Mariah Carey. It portrays the protagonist's crave to meet her lover during this wonderful time. Neither does she care for any gifts, nor can Santa make her happy. She is just waiting for her lover and is singing, "All I want for Christmas is you."

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
This is another touching Christmas song which is melancholy enough to bring tears in the listener's eyes. The song, which was introduced by Judy Garland and later modified by Frank Sinatra, is just like a ray of hope or a wish for those who suffer from serious hopelessness.

Songs are an inseparable part of Christmas Celebrations. Enjoy this festival season with your favorite Christmas songs. Hope this article helped you find out some interesting songs for Christmas 2012.